$WTRH trust me, shit will get real real soon =) All that FED fake bullrun right now is going to tumple. HARD *Unemployment claims soared to 3.3 million last week, most in history. Just wait until hospitals can't take in patients and more deaths occure, you won't be leaving your house. I told you a week ago, ignore the noise! Buy GOLD.... FOOD......REALESTATE(soon) if you got cash! I'm not a daytrader by any means but I been in stockmarket for 12 years making bank. You can daytrade, pennyflip, or you can find a stock that is on a rise but beaten down like WAITR....by a chunk and wait. People wait for stocks to go up 200% for YEARS....this will be done within a month. Thats a 2 year salary for some.
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