$XPEV Just to put it in perspective for you people who panic selling and don't realise how cheap this is Xpeng, steady increase in growth quarter over quarter. 2 factories capable of producing 250 000 cars a year In house manufactoring got 2 billion from banks, did offering on 44$ we are currently UNDER the offering price! Expansion to EUROPE Implementation of LIDAR Research and development team working on alipay, more autonomous features. Longest range of 700km for a sedan installing infrastructure. MARKETCAP 21 billion! $QS Marketcap 20 billion A startup company No factory no production revenue expected in 2-3 years not even tested battery in REAL vehicle yet only in laboratory IS THIS FAIR? A car company that will dominate pretty much the middle class EV sector in China VS a startup battery marker with no factory, no revenue, nothing right now