$RMO Give it time, I told you guys, revenue increase, paccar starts production, lion electric will pay up 250 million starting this year, more deals to come. More effecient batterypacks, cells secured, stock has been beaten down 80%. I can honestly only see a huge upside from these levels. It just cant go down lower cos of valuations. You cant have 550 million backlog + 250 million from LION, + fully functional factory + building one in Korea with LG + cells secured to 2028 + Borg Warner + Heritage + Republic services + collaboration with $NVVE Fair valuation that expert said when they were going public was 2.2 billion! We are down on 600 million! Considering earnings were bad, mostly cos of shortages + a situation where these truck companies have not started their production. WE will 5-10x in couple of years