$PSTH My only concern here is that my platform only supports trades on the NYSE. Am I missing something here -- this appears that our shares will not be traded on the NYSE but on Euronext. I will need to try to find a platform that I can trade Euronext shares on from New Zealand and get my PSTH shares transferred before this takes place? How do you all read this and what are people planning to do if their trading platform does not support trades on Euronext? What am I missing here. Please enlighten me. "Following PSTH’s acquisition of the UMG Shares, UMG will complete its previously announced listing on Euronext Amsterdam (the “Listing”) in the third quarter of 2021. Once the Listing is complete, PSTH will distribute the UMG Shares directly to PSTH’s shareholders in a transaction registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Distribution”)."