$NLST WE MAY NOT HAVE THE TOTAL DELAY WITH MICRON THAT WE THOUGHT… HEAR ME OUT! I’ll post this few times today to get many opinions... Any thoughts on the possibility we end up with one Micron case stayed and other proceeding? @Sonny53 pointed out that there are 2 Micron cases, 1-patents 314/035/608 2-patent 833. Even though the filings are merged they have different case #’s, ending in 00134 & 00136. @microby pointed out an 833 patent IPR request has been denied before. So i dug a little... All 3 prior IPR requests for the 833 patent have been denied. Smart Modular - Sandisk - SK Hynix That could set up a scenario where even if the other 3 IPR’s get instituted the 833 is denied again and being its own case proceeds. That would be a crafty move by Netlist attorneys and reason they filed the cases separately.