$NKLA Will someone explian to these clueless bulls that NKLA is still at least a year away from selling anything, which means they are at least a year away from making any money, while you may consider the stock for Long Term investment it most certainly not a catalyst for a major day trade. On Tuesday I bought a put at the end of the big 40 percent day and it went up another 3 percent after hours and everyone was ridiculing me saying that it would go up to $60 easy but I could recognize that the deal was not as good as they made it out to be. Today after a terrible day for NKLA a bunch of simpletons believe that gaining 3 percent afterhours based on news which is even far less consequential than the GM news; a city council's zoning approval for a factory scheduled to be built in a year is enough for a 10 percent reversal!!! Sorry I disagree
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