$ANY So if you read the outline of the comparison to the SPRT/GREE merger, you will notice a few things. 0) First of all, the numbers prior to july 12 for SPRT were converted incorrectly, and the starting price for the chart would be 2.48 not 2.7. This makes even a stronger case for ANY. 1) It took 3 months for SPRT to put out their 450 page prospectus and give a date for the proxy shareholder vote. We are waiting now 4 months, so it should come soon. 2) The insane price action taking it from 2.48 all the way to 60 dollars, both a week before the merger, as well as on the day of the merger is insane! 3) SPRT went over 10 dollars immediately after the merger agreement announcement, where as ANY did not hit the same high until after the announcement of purchasing 60k s19j miners 3 months later. 4) SPRT did not top that 10 dollar high until over a week after the prospectus was released and a vote was scheduled. 5) ANY is waiting on its prospectus and vote date. stocktwits.com/Souledin/mes...