$PLTR Look I'm sorry but this stock is NOT "going to the moon." This is a great long-term stock, and you should NOT want it to turn into a short-term hype stock. Do you know what happens when a stock is pumped and dumped? It hurts the company's reputation. It makes it look like the company lied and misled investors in order to pump and dump their stock. This is NOT what Palantir does. Alex Karp was correct when he said that people looking to make a quick profit should invest in a stock more appropriate to that kind of trading. I'm bullish, and I swear to God, if you pump this stock up above $60 within the next month, I'm going to sell it, investors will get burned again when it crashes, and people will not want to reinvest. So if you care about Palantir, buy and hodl, don't "buy and sell, and buy and sell, and buy and sell, slap that ask, and tell all your friends to yolo on it."