$PLTR Here's my take: a bunch of idiots who don't understand how stock compensation works are now experts in why this stock is going down, believing that Karp was "paid" over a billion dollars (lol wtf?) and not understanding anything about stock compensation. Then they think the company is making ridiculous financial decisions such as paying their CEO an entire years worth of revenue. If those idiots had any sense, they would look at other companies, like FB, SNOW, and realize this is normal. FB's Zuckerberg sold millions of Facebook shares and it caused FB stock to go down for years. Now look at it. It has 8x since IPO. What's sad is that Palantir used to be a retailers stock. Now it's been absorbed by whales and shorted by retail idiots, who then come to this board hoping to scare people into selling more shares. I'm not scared. I sleep well at night holding this stock. Alex Karp said that one day this company's earnings would blow people away, and I see that as well. Hodling