$DPW Shockingly dumb money on the board today. DPW is a scam. Share price has tanked by MORE THAN -99% and MORE THAN $120M of shareholder savings flushed in the last 3+ years. Read their pitiful SEC filings. See "Risks" from page 13-36. You'll be shocked! You know they are under SEC investigation, right? Link to 12/31/19 SEC report. ir.aultglobal.com/node/9191... Defrauding investors is DPW CEO Todd Ault's only biz plan. With huge losses, no cash, negative operating capital, he uses highly dilutive ATMs as his ONLY source of cash and then funnels that cash to himself through AVLP with the help of his crooked CFO, Bill Horne. And massive repeated reverse splits are the only thing that keeps DPW from being delisted. It's called a "dump and dilute" scam. Google it. But don't take my word for it. Google "Milton Todd Ault and fraud" and "Milton Todd Ault and FINRA". Then: READ courtlistener.com/docket/75... READ scribd.com/document/3765126... READ getfilings.com/sec-filings/... READ thedailybeast.com/inside-th...
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