$IBIO Pardon me, sir. Welcome to iBio Diner. Would you like some fries with your nothing burger? So not even a 10-K, and the only thing of note is that they've fully taken down the last part of the UBS shelf ($27M), so they have about $83M in the bank as at Sept 30. Not even an OS count. Thanks. So the delay was to to update the cash position and tell us qualitatively what we already knew up to the end of Sept 30. What's interesting is that it appears that they haven't spent any money between June 30 and Sept 30. If you take the cash position on June 30, add some minor revenue, plus $27M from the UBS shelf, you get approx $83M. SO HOW HAVE THEY BEEN PAYING THEIR EXPENSES??? And where is the cap ex investments they're supposed to have been making? Even if the $30M figure from LinkedIn was actually only $3M (for example), that still had to have come from somewhere. Round of applause for iBio. Once again they've left us with more questions than answers. Bravo! 👋🙏
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