$OCGN Keep your eye on the ball people....the FDA's communication suggest they WANT covaxin in the US, and for the long-term. The FDA is a long-term investor in the nation's health, not a short-term trader of a stock. But the long-term value of the stock is greatly enhanced by this news... covaxin is on the path to becoming a unique, go-to vaccine for children and adults as the booster we will need to protect us from the delta variant, and other variants that might arise. it's safer, cheaper, easier to store/transport and made with tried and true technology. your children and grandchildren will have covaxin shots; essential workers will actively seek covaxin boosters. this isn't a one-and-done vaccine. this will be a regular part of our covid-protection protocol, just like flu-shots. look at all the vaccinated people getting the delta variant? expect another covid wave in the US... and covaxin will save us.