$HEC.X bought 3000$ on December 10th around 110$ per HEC. Almost one month later and despite a 40% drop in price I'm green thanks to the staking with a new average of around 60$ lol. Praised be the lores of staking, I'vebdone my math with an average 20000% APY next 3 weeks and then 6000% average for the Next 6 months and the potential returns are insane. In theory I should have between 400-500 HECs by August and 850-950 HECs by my birthday un October. With a low price of 20-40$ pero HEC that's a LOT of profits. With 60-100$ fack yes I could x15 or x25 my investment in less than a year. And if things go well enough beyond my expectations (into TIME's market cap or something like that around 300-400$ per HEC) then I'll literally buy an apartment with the profits of HEC's one-year trade. Great proyect still so early to get in and ride the wave. I expect DAOs and Network-ralated coins like OHM or FTM to be 2022's crypto winners above BTC-ETH or normal altcoins.