$TGGI has $765 million. That's $50 million 0062 to buyback 8.5 billion shares. Leaving them $700+ million. They can uplist to Nasdaq clearly on cash alone. In a heart beat. Someone on here said there's some deadline to (begin doing so?) by June or July? Why would they have that much? CEO and team have a lot of very smart people in China. Plus there's political cooperation in the background...no way this isn't happening without China's blessing. There's no screaming on this side yet it's clearly significant that much money is already committed. That indicates intent. They're actively setting up infrastructure. Shows potential business relationships that money is available...for a OTC 'start up' that's pretty cool. $TGGI is the contrarian to the slow blood bath happening with $PRPM $BDGR as there's never been a genuine, sincere business plan ever issued nor likely exists that's executable. These are shells with $0 revenue and assets. I saw these 3 about 10 weeks ago.