$VIH #14 on the FINTEL short list. Over 40% of the 15M float is shorted. Amazingly popped out from the non-reporting status of ZERO short shares on the 2nd with 450K short shares available. Ended the day at 400K available at a 4.17% borrow fee. $11.50 is the trigger and $12.28 is the run. They struggled to keep this down today.
@Honeybadger6 I've been in since early June with a ton of calls. This is my gain from Friday. Once they announce merger, shorts, etc...will either need to keep share price close to $10ISH to close their positions in case of massive redemption. If they let it run up into $12 or higher they'll lose 20% minimum and risk being super squeezed. End of the month is Q3 merger deadline by their own press release. The odd thing is the low borrow rate. With the massive increase in OI $12.50 ITM (and OTM) if peeps lose, the company risks getting a lot of public anger from investors that may rip the stock like it's happening to hood.