$VXRT Why Vaxart? Covid-19 is NOT flu, we should not learn to live with it. The goal should be eradication, NOT to be protected from hospitalization and death only if we get pumped full of Pfizer once a year. All the while still getting sick, missing 10 days of work, and spreading it to everyone while deadlier mutations develop at an alarming pace. FIRST, learn about sterilizing immunity: "sterilizing immunity is often the ultimate goal .. it is rarely achieved." sciencealert.com/few-vaccin... It is the ULTIMATE goal: "many who believe that sterilizing immunity should remain the ultimate goal" verywellhealth.com/covid-19... How does Vaxart fit in? Drum roll please.. WE HAVE IT: "mucosal IgA and mucosal T cells ... contribute to sterilizing immunity... mucosal immunity may be essential for blocking transmission... crucial for... reducing infection rates and eventually eradicating COVID-19 globally." nasdaq.com/press-release/va... Sterilizing immunity! Blocking transmission & eradication, Vaxart has it.