$VXRT In 2015 BARDA gave Vaxart millions to work to improve (get this) ---> pandemic influenza preparedness. By 2018 Vaxart's tablet vaccines blew injectable vaccines away in terms of efficacy. 247wallst.com/healthcare-bu... Vaxart was still a tiny little lab off Utah Ave. with great science, 14 employees, and very little money when I got in. Now we have a 24,000 square foot warehouse on Oyster Point, 80+ employees, and over $200M in cash. Growing up has been remarkable to watch (thanks for the pics!) and I am proud to have helped fund Vaxart's growth through this period. I'm not at all concerned about making big money, I'm 110% positive Vaxart will make a large return for me. What's more exciting is that we finally have the manpower and cash needed to put our science to work. Vaxart was literally built to play a role in eliminating a nasty global pandemic that has taken millions of lives. Look around. The timing couldn't be better, this is the right place at the right time.