$VXRT As a pro-vaccine Independent I'm telling you, Joe just gave up the House, Senate, and Presidency tonight. All to host a paid infomercial for Pfizer. He might as well of had a "Paid promotion by Pfizer" scrolling on the bottom while speaking. The people who haven't vaccinated yet have made FREE CHOICES not to. HUGE mistake saying "It's not about freedom" in the same breath as trying to force these people to vaccinate. He just lost a lot of people with that move. HUGE mistake trying to strong arm businesses. The last thing business owners want or need is to make it harder for them to retain workers, especially in this economy. You can expect to see lawsuits galore over this one, and creating even more people opposed to government (which is sad). Honestly, the only good take away from his speech was that he specifically doubled back to say Pfizer at the end. Now we know who's behind all the corruption. Zero doubts.