$VXRT Fam. guess what's been going on today outside of the stock market --> Scientists, immunologists, and vaccine experts have been learning about the Duke Universities study. Contrary to a few conspiracy theorists here, BP doesn't own the government and not everyone involved in fighting Covid-19 wants to see Pfizer continue to make billions of dollars off boosters while Covid-19 rages on. Many good people want to get Covid-19 under control. Many scientists in high places and some scientific institutions holding huge amounts of money will be taking a very close look at this study as well as what is happening in Vaxart's Phase II. The implications of what the Vaxart data shows are staggering. Reducing transmission is exactly what the world needs to get Covid-19 under control and we have it in an easy to ship and administer pill. Great things are coming and I, personally, will be celebrating this weekend. Have a great one! Cheers.