$PLUG - sales cycle 6/7 months, detroit, 240 units worth 10m$; looking to expand that relationship (Hmm progen for automobiles!) - 2020 yr how playing out? 30% rev growth, Q1 lighter, strong ramp Q2/Q3/Q4 compared to 2019; 85% visibility which is better than prior years - R&D - increasing power capacity for prod for variety of apps; 15-20 opps in funnel, 5 andy really really wants; prod higher power stacks; mid Qtr next yr, 125kw progen engine - Engie - 1) first deal is for fueling stations for deployment of vehicles in a country to be named later; 2) second close this Qtr, for MH in a region where plus has never participated - Both total $13m, news this Qtr and deployments in Q1/early next yr - H2 - prod agreements with H2 providers, more extensive partnership on generation side; plug is in negotiation with major gas cos in NA; big push for renewable H2, discussion with non-traditional cos, electrolyzers and renewable, part "ownership"... not just customer of a product!
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