$PLUG Have you ever had a 10-bagger? I've had a few now and there is really only one thing to be said about it...IT IS LIFE CHANGING! Achieving Financial Freedom as a result of your individual investing is an achievement very few will attain. The investor has to find the diamond in the rough. A company that builds a business in a new industry and becomes a world leader in the space. It requires a management team with vision that is willing to forego short term profit for stronger long term growth and success! Few individuals will ever accomplish this, they don't have the patience nor confidence in their investment research. Most in the market today are obsessed (addicted) in day trading. Some will do OK, most will lose but traders rarely if ever experience 10-baggers. There is an opportunity here with this company that truly comes very rarely. A small-cap company with world-class tech playing in what is now a LARGE CAP industry. There is a paradigm change underway in H2...any ideas?
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