$PLTR DarkPool 0222 - Net DP Vol -30M (Shorted > TUTE Acc). Relatively MASSIVE shorting by MMs in DP markets, w/possible LARGE assignment to Tutes > 13F filings. DP Net Long ~512.1M Company's technology is not only cutting edge & future-proof, its applicable to a wide array of businesses looking to monetize exponential data growth globally, specially in mission critical & pandemic situations. Data patterns & semantics discovered from all corners of a company has the potential to uncover hidden gold, that builds exponential competitive value from real-time analytics of external data! Catalysts: - Peter Thiel 13G 137M share ownership! - ER 2/16 solid ER/guide - IBM Partnership opens customers worldwide - Demo - "Digital chessboard that maps the battlefield !" - Tiberius vaccine dist. - Greek Gov transformation - Japan $23M, Army $9M, Fijitsu $8M, FDA $44M, Army $114M - Debt reduction ~$100m, w/~$200m remaining - Q3 US Army ($91m), NIH ($36m), & $300m renewal w/aerospace cust. IMHO