$BEST To people new to this board and BEST: 6.74 is a key pivot point for BEST. Established in September 2018, we've butted up against it twice since then and were smacked back down to sub-5s. However, since those two times, we've got a Phase 1 China trade deal set to be signed Jan 15, 38.5% parcel volume growth for 2019 (60% higher than national parcel growth), expansion into multiple other Asian markets, Stores+ is *hopefully* being dealt with, we're set to cross 5B in gross revenues for FY19, and Q4 should set BEST profit neutral for the year. Buy now. Hold for 3-5 years. I've been in since 2017. It's been difficult, but I've averaged down with my lowest bundle of shares at 5.27. I'm still underwater on most of my shares, but by EOY, this will be double digits if Johnny delivers on revenue growth and profitability. We may even have an EV/S over 1x (a 200% gain from here).
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