Headline from oilpiss.com/ - "Oil Prices Inch Even Lower Following Devastating 7% Single-Day Loss" F-in russian and UK hacks doing everyone's bidding but always sticking it to US oil industry. If you want decent content on Upstream E&P / Downstream / M&A or to read about oil&gas companies, try worldoil.com/ and rigzone.com/ they're much better. From Worldoil - Halliburton projects ‘multi-year upcycle’ in oilfield services spending. Same story over at Rigzone. This "takedown" orchestrated by none other than bashterds in the bidet toilethouse -- sweet talked (coerced) OPEC/KSA to pump more and stem retail prices so dumbass citizens can fill cheap gas in their clunkers they never sold to odumba despite being offered top dollar. $CDEV, $CPE, $GTE, $REI, $ESTE, RIG, SM, TALO need patience .