$OPK what do you all make of this? Saw it as a comment on Yahoo finance. "Due to its recently rising share price, on August 6, 2020 Opko will enter into the TASE 35-Index (i.e. it will become a part of this index which represent the 35 largest companies in the TASE). The TASE 35-Index is held by many Israeli Investment Institutions and Investment Index Funds and therefore it will mandate all of them (that are holding this 35-Index in their portfolio) to buy Opko shares as its relative size in the Infex dictates - and it is indeed substantial! And most of these funds will not wait for the last day to buy. Many of them will start buying the shares a few trading days earlier" tase.co.il/en/market_data/i... I do see opko get approved there
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