$CLOV $CLOV $CANO $CLOV $WISH $CLOV how the hell does this guy have any followers? Seems to be on the wrong side of EVERY trade. Here are a few gems from just the last week. I may have to give him a follow, just to do the opposite of his postsπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ₯ƒ
$CLOV I don't understand the fascination behind $CLOV it's a meme stock yet $CANO is in a much better position to receive government contracts with the recent health policy. $CLOV is over a BN MC and it is overvalued and burns cash like $WISH . Retail will never move $CLOV again. Every pump is rescuing bagholders!! Funds are verse to any gamma squeezes and that last big pump has huge shorts and they are in control of the stock. Accept your losses, find a Twitter pumper that can bail you out before the SEC finishes it's tapers and starts the next project of nabbing the Twitter manipulators and furus and discord that pump stocks. Technically and fundamentally this stock is very very poor.
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