$TRVN I remember the days at $3. Then it dropped to 2.80, I was down like 2k, not bad, everyone said, they are just shaking the tree. Decided to stay. Then it fell to 2.60, then 2.40, and I said to myself. There is no way this will hit $2. Then to 2.20 and it held there for what seemed like a long time. Then $2. I was down like 10k.. I started to worry but kept telling myself, there is no way this is going any lower. Well... You all know the rest of the story. Holy shit, what a wild ride and what a complete loss of an investment. Almost 95% right now. How is it even legal.... And now, I watch as Nabriva now creeps closer to overtake Trevena. I watch as Sesen continues to rise, and for almost 3 years now, this has done nothing but fall. What do we have to lose now? Absolutely nothing. Current longs have been fleeced, whipped of their money. Given absolutely NOTHING in return for giving millions to this company. That's what investing is all about. Giving money to get money. We ge nothing