@SquawkAlley your lost... with grpn beingh $100 per share would make it 100 billion which is unjustifiable. Etsy being $10 is only worth 10 billion, so $10 pps isfine. GROUPON can not be $100 pps until they make close to that, at least 10 billion EBITDA
@MoneyMayhem $GRPN Yes but you still valuation wrong. Etsy is at close to $80 not $10. By the way vice versa if any company drops from $100 to $6 in one month what you think the valuation will be? Just basic math. Groupon should be starting at $10 and by passing $100. Look at the money, the business model and the ventures they already have. It is like a mini $AMZN but with a huge potential. At this prices is a steal deal.