@StackBucks @NewYorkAvenue Look beyond your chart little buddy. The float on Bridges is miniscule compared to SM. like...a SPECK in comparison. There is a 5% fee every time someone buys, sells, or moves their bag and you CANNOT own more than 1M tokes so, holders don't want to sell until the price rises enough to make it worth it. Again, 6 days in and it is, and will do, just fine. Hey, how was your PB&J?? Mom give ya a little spank with it??
@Blurry1 If I lived with my moms or ate peanut and jelly I would be hustling like you chumps to pump up a scam coin. We obviously not on the same level, so get back to work hustling that token like a good lil prostitute, I'm just gonna sit back and relax. Dump in progress .042 down to .022, get out there and hustle to get the price up.