$ONTX Very important point. They have SPA agreement with FDA. Successful phase 3 readout means straight approval. No need for NDA filling and all formalities.
$ONTX So...... 1. $32.6M cash in hand (Q3-2021) 2. Market cap $45.6M (Joke) 3. 86 Global approved Patents 4. $180M milestone cash at PH3 read 5. Phase 3 100% enrollment already 6. 90% enrollment with 79.8% success respond. 7. China IND Jan 2020 already 8. Phase 2 - lung cancer trial 9. BMY official collaboration for Trials 10. Experience Management and scientific board team. 11. Big Partnership or BO highly likely Please add more if I missed any point. Also compliance date is June 20th. With exceptional plan in place extension will be easily obtained for another 180 days. Phase 3 read out will create history.
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