$TRXC with the need to raise capital would you rather they tap the ATM at market price with no warrants involved ... or would you want dilution in the form of a direct offering that would absolutely include warrants ... warrants are a killer overhang .. the S-3 filed yesterday shows that ... warrants from 2017 are still haunting current shareholders ... obviously no dilution would be nice but everyone knows they need cash and I’m glad they tapped the ATM when it ran last month ... extending the cash runway long enough to get acquired or partner. Careful listening to RandR .. no one on here knows his true intentions ... he has no position yet posts more than anyone on this board. He likes to show where he sold at $5 but I have screen shots where he sold at $2.05 before the run of 2018. Just because someone sounds intelligent doesn’t make his statements factual ... he likes to sprinkle facts enough to confuse the average retail investor ... he’s essentially in line with white diamond
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