$LOOP let the games begin, as mentioned, this stock doesn’t have the “too big to fail” backing that Nikola has, so this is going down. “Loop Industries Loses Coca-Cola multi-layer contract.”
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@StarrKiing Another post that simply did not age well. Stock is up 21.24% since this foolish post. And I am guessing that image is one of yourself upset that you have lost your hard earned money trying to chase Hindenburg's short AFTER they exited. Foolish indeed.
@Takeover24 I got paid from this stock, as I told other bulls, this tech IF true is indeed revolutionary and I’ll become and investor. I wanted to see an uptrend, which I see, and also for the SEC to come out with good news to jump in, which has happened yet. I’m not an emotional investor, and I followed the short report because of what was said not because it was said. 🤣 you bum