$HITI When they say, High Tide is a POS... Somehow this POS outperformed the rest of the top MJ stocks during the downtrend since February! Ignore the FUD. We know what we own. Check out the chart comparing top companies. On top of this, $20 BUY RATING with Less than 2x price/sales! High Tide is 18th place of the top 65 MJ companies for most positive EBITDA. 10th place for most positive EBITDA/share! With that in mind, of those 10 companies ahead of High Tide for EBITDA/share, High tide has the 2nd lowest Price/Sales ratio. Meaning out of 65 companies high tide is the most undervalued top performer when comparing EBITDA/SHARE vs valuation. "analyst have FY22 revenues reaching $240 mil, but the number doesn't appear current with the new acquisitions & the growing business. The company plans to add 13 new stores in Ontario alone by September"