$AMRN Amarin shareholders are on the other side of a wall. That wall is the expanded label. After that all the falsehoods that have been permeating will fade away and become laughing points as doctors can then speak out and prescribe. Six thoughts. 1) No competition is coming for a decade. Epanova will if anything be harder to tolerate and will be far less effective. MAT9001 & CaPre need to run CVOT's 2) No barriers, 50,000 docs are ready to go, they just don't prescribe off label. 3) ICER says "Patients will want to take this", the organization worried about uptake and the sales budget of the VA. 4) Cardio candy. 5) Best thing since statins, per Deepak Bhatt. 6) 30% decrease in all cause mortality in US patients even with a higher primary cohort.
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