$NKLA these bears all bought in the 60s....ouch...i would complain 24/7 too if i was dumb like that..😭..looking for rebound this week...testing support.hard...my take it breaks to 28 and we go from there...Im going by candles, charts, from first pump..Companys gotta be done selling shares...expect the unexpected....price been bearish no doubt...They could dump nice PR this week for the jump start...GL...If your above 35 wish ya the best...everyone wants this dip and is watching and waiting...Listening to these bears is like listening to a kid chew bubblegum in your ear
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@BullishJ Yep.. I’ve NEVER lost more than 5% of my account in one trade. It’s called discipline. Some of the dummies in this one are probably all in,and down over 50%. And they will average down and lose more. They’ll learn.