$WTRH on another note just to vent: Fuxk this stock lately. Today I would have made $5300 on my other plays if I had the powder to enter them. Instead I lose half that on this shit wagon. No wait, to the moon, buyout all BS people. This thing ain’t hitting till next year and mark this posts, gonna tank after 3 quarter ER! Prolly won’t even reach 4! I’m shooting 30% of this stock on the next pop to load powder into money makers. Fuck Carl and Fuxk all you dumbass pumpers. Get over it and realize your dreams ain’t happening! And I can’t wait to hear all the haters that will bash me and tell me that I’m wrong as they watched their own profits dwindle daily. For real guys realize shit ain’t happening like last quarter. We blew it, we blew it bad. Election coming and the candle on the whole market is telling an 80% chance of a drop. Got lucky everyone I live this stock but I can’t keep all this loot tired up in a hope any longer!
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