$NVAX ended today with a bullish technical indicator; depending on your interpretation of the candlestick, it is either an inverted hammer or gravestone doji. In this particular circumstance the indicative pattern is the recent downtrend of red (including yesterday), followed by the shape of today's candle having such a long upper wick, almost nonexistent lower wick, and finishing the day green. A confirmation is needed tomorrow, a green finish obviously, and preferably a solid bar candle. I will attach a couple pictures for confirmation, GL guys
@domdolnack2 i somehow feel a lot better today than yesterdays price action, we still haven't dropped all the way to the previous lows in the mid 220s yet and even though we broke down from the wedge this 232-234 still feels like a support. However, i did notice whole bunch of put options were bought for 220 expiring this week and that makes me a little scared, fingers crossed.