$COTY Looks like they want to bring it down to the LOTY at the 3.18-3.25 area. Im ok with that as started a long today. Will load up to 50,0000 shares here. They're doing the rug pull dugs, sniping the SL spots.
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@Steve_TheBull_Rogers I’ve seen you make calls before, I think on Elf and some other stocks I was in, I’ve been in CODY for a while now and just got my average down to $3.83, I have huge hopes of your making the call. Maybe I’ll add a little more, what’s your target?
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@Jkline88 Short term 4.50-5.50 short term, Played this one last time. Solid AF with this and then a GTC at 3.16 and 3.28 ;) Thanks bro ELF made fortune and here and RVLV. Its 2nd time here, read up on new CEOs plan and curren and winter sales should be solid
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