$MVIS It’s not “just a chip” AKA: (JAC) Some talk about JAC as one component of the product. The problem is that the product is JAC shit without this chip. There is not a product without JAC, and MVIS will get a piece-a huge piece of the pie. The 5 Year forecast is estimated at just under 80 billion for AR. Which again, is not a market without JAC. 3%-6% is a typical royalty to collect on a patented product. But JAC’s tangible value isn’t what we’re selling here, it’s JAC’s intangible value and how it will forever change the market and life in general. And that my friends, is at least worth 2.4 Billion or 3% of the market in 5 years. Oh, and don’t get me started on MVIS’s other what, 400+ patented products, few of which have near or just as much value as JAC does! For the future Halolen’s capabilities for those who may not know, if you been wearing them when asking Microsoft Rep about buyout rumors, the glasses could tell you if they were lying!! Imagine that!!
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