$MGM That parasite @gordongekko888 is here with his worthless drivel posting articles about layoffs. Well - of course, they're laying people off. It's called cost cutting! $MGM has the financials to survive until a vaccine is found. And when that happens, the conventions, the big-name shows, the sporting events will ALL RETURN with a vengeance. Then gordongekko888 will crawl back into whatever sewer he crawled out of.
@akim2134 @gordongekko888 In the old days I used to think Mr. Gekko was a troll as well. He used to piss me off back on the $VBIV boards. However I found his bearish commentary intriguing. And saw that he was right on many occasions. He's particularly good at biotech stocks. Are used to be a heavy and master in $MGM and $CCL. And if I had not listened to his advice I would have lost 25% of my Portfolio. However now that I switched over to biotech stocks I am actually up 40%... I'm one of his followers that's why IKeep popping up. I am in no we have bear, And I don't think puts. Actually my ROTH account does not allow me the trade options at all.. I still of filling $MGM and $CCL And think if there's a way to avoid bankruptcy there is a future upside but not at these levels. I mean come on man look around how many people are on cruise ships right now, Also how many people worldwide are flying into Vegas right now. Be a perimabull if you want