$SNDL the best catalyst is time...the closer we get to todays close, the more the shorts will want to pay for those shares because the weekend is full of unknown factors...longs hold shares of a debt free company making good moves to position itself in the market to grow exponentially...bears are longs too, just not at the same time the rest of us are. You have to hold and pressure them into buying. Think of it like this...if you had unlimited hot water for showering, how much pressure would you feel to take a short quick shower? Probably not much...Now, if you knew you only had 2 minutes of hot water how short would your showers be? Probably less than 2 minutes...market is the same way except here the folks with weak hands or who are just investing with "hope" without any real knowledge or plan are the unlimited hot water...here to be wasted just because the MMs know they can.
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