$RTTR Folks, I've been here for some time. I cashed in some shares once to protect myself. I still have 13K left at not the best PPS. I did this with separate accounts, because it was just good for my head to see one account green while the other was red. I had the opportunity to cash out with my remaining shares for a profit. I didn't because of what my gut told me. I'm here. I'm going to stay here. New IPO's do well, for the most part. That's why I chose to stay. There's a reason Qualigen wants to go public. There's are a reason why they chose Ritter to make that happen. I'm an ignorant fool when it comes to trading. But this one? It's different. If I'm wrong here, just go to whoever owns Kettle One vodka. It's been my go to during this Plandemic.
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