$MARK Remark Holdings total Revenue for Q2. I have no idea what total Revs. will be, but if you noticed what was posted you can get at least a minimum. "Kai said it would be better than Q4". So, what was the Rev in Q4 (since that is a min. fig). We know total Rev for 2019 was $5.020 million. If we research SEC filings we can find that total Rev thru Sept 2019 was $3.439 million. Hence, it would seem to indicate Q2 would be the difference (minimum!) or at least $1.582 million. If we look at Q1 and fig. the $400K was most likely China, perhaps they could have done the same in Q2 over there, if so, we could guess they did at least $1.1 million with the new products in the USA. But, as Kai said on July 6th, he wouldn't want to speculate on a figure at that time.
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