$SPY Trump himself is a platform. They need to make him into a criminal to divorce users from following him. Just like when voat.co/host/voat/static/in... was made as an alternative to the CCP owned Reddit, the leftist shills kept saying it was run by skinheads for skinheads, so no one would use it. When Parler gained popularity, leftists claimed it was housing terrorists in order to deplatform the platform. Lets call this what it is: Dems are attacking their political opponents by silencing them, and preventing them from being able to group together. To prevent conservatives from being able to form proper representation or speaking with each other. The GOP are spineless cowards who enjoy being controlled opposition. They are there to pretend conservatives have a choice and a voice, making them sheep. Trump exposed that conservatives don't have representation in government, and that makes our political royalty scared. I'm sharing this photo again to remind people what terrorism looks like
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