$PHUN $RIOT $EBON $SOS $RIOT $MARA Absolutely amazing opportunity to still grab PHUN stock while it remains under $3. For reference, check out some of their road map below, I've included up until March as Stocktwits limits text. February 2021 - Release MaaS Data Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable mobile application publishers to offer their users an opportunity to opt into data sharing in return for compensation in PhunCoin. February 2021 - Release MaaS Loyalty SDK to enable mobile application publishers to map and track specific behavior within their existing ecosystem and reward users with Phun Tokens for specific engagement activity. March 2021 - Release MaaS PhunWallet mobile application portfolio on Apple iOS and Google Android to enable users to verify their identity in compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) / AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines, update key attributes of their data profiles and receive both PhunCoin and Phun Tokens.