@MonkeyBiznas @StockPatternPro That would put it below book value. The only companies I’m aware of below book value are those that reported huge declines/losses like KHC, KMI, and FANG. Here are the book values of its peers: UNH: $69.99 (trading at 430%) HUM: $108.97 (trading at 359%) ANTM: $136.99 (trading at 188%) WBA: $23.83 (trading at 145%) CVS: $52.23 (trading at 109%) Not to mention others like: Disney: $50.06 (trading at 256%) Visa: $15.56 (trading at 1285%) Nordstrom: $1.11 (trading at 1303%) Apple: $4.23 (trading at 2647%) I can’t find a single company in the S&P 500 that is trading at book value after reporting across-the-board y/y growth in both Q1 and Q2 despite the pandemic. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.