$BZUN after further analysis of the company and understanding what happened with Q4 growth and reading BofA analyst report - I’m fairly confident that there is nothing to worry about this company long term. I shall wait to see over next few quarters if the growth resumes (it should IMO) BTW - low service revenues growth was due to Huawei (low take rate where Baozun was actually losing money or making too little) termination. 11.11 GMV and Q4 GMV growth were led by massive uptick in iPhone sales in China (good for $AAPL) and 45-50% guided for Q4 GMV growth. With iPhone and new brands driving GMV growth and termination of Huawei meant the revenue growth was lowered to 24% mid point. Given the above KFG holders may have nothing to worry over long term (but we shall evaluate quarterly results carefully) and actually with luxury brands and several brands added in 2019, the profits should pick up next year! I’m staying KFG - but will monitor the results and share price closely.
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