$CEMI Thinking about you all this weekend, may be the big gapper Monday morning.. as we’ve been in for 11 months awaiting this antigen approval, game changing for the industry, here is a breakdown of shares. Hope Monday is the day 8-10 PTs hit for big profits maybe more. Or will it TOP out at 6, who knows what the Tutes and MMS will do! Excited for you guys: Institutional % of float 47% of the 18m total shares available, which leaves about 8m float for the public to trade Short float is 21% of the public float which is roughly 1.6mil+ shares are SHORT VERY HIGH Leaving roughly what 5-6mil retail shares, that is a TINY FLOAT, this has potential to pull an $OBLN or $EYES move, BUT big Question will it catch the momentum?? I’m sure everyone is wondering if it will Monday, who knows. Rooting for everyone, Hopefully everyone hits it big on this LONG. Have a great weekend!!
@SpudZone CEMI has lost over 65%- 70% from February’s high. It was @ $8.70 or so in Feb...so I don’t think that’s much of a reward for most people. Most are either waiting to get out after holding for so long and it’s lost so much value. Unless they sold at $7-$8 when it peaked and bought back after the constant downward trend.
@KozyTradezz Not true. If you look at Webull analysis most folks currently holding bought in well under 6 and the ones who bought over 8 most likely already sold long ago. This is barely at 50dma with a $15 range to run to. 8-10 should be easy here. 👌💰🥳🕺🛫🍻