$USO By summer the world will be over the Rona, people out and about again and traveling at record levels due to being stuck at home for months. Russia and Saudi Arabia will strike a deal, they're already short on cash and looking for sanctions relief due to the Rona. news.yahoo.com/putin-calls-... Feds charging Maduro with drug trafficking. War with Venezuela coming? Nothing says higher oil prices like war. news.yahoo.com/feds-charge-... Starting to add more and more Jan '22s. Not to mention risks of civil unrest in Iran breaking out due to poor mismanagement of the Rona. Regime change in sight? Do we get more Houthi strikes on Saudi Arabia? Iran mining more ships or blocking passage through the Straight of Hormuz? Trust me, these corrupt oil dicks will make sure something goes off to get themselves paid, it always happens. Next stimulus bill will likely have some funds for the SPR. "when everyone is being a puss, buy you fucking twats" -Warren Buffet jr.
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