$ESGC Not expecting this to drop a whole lot today. Not exactly in a very bullish spot technically, but there is a short term trendline that it looks like it'll use as support. If it breaks there, then it could potentially bleed but the market is only down 1% which is nothing compared to the run up it's had in the last month. As money flows out of other stocks, they'll likely jump into recently beaten up companies like Eros :D Of course what the stock does intraday is anyone's guess, but I'd expect that by the end of Friday we will be over 2.35 :D Also a Stimulus deal could come at anytime to reverse things. If the market does start tanking, keep an eye out for SPY 339 trendline and 328-330 where there's a gap to fill down there. If that breaks look for 320-321. :D
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